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Easylift - Worldwide Delivery

Easylift - Worldwide Delivery



Easylift® is a self-adhesive tape


Detailed Description

Easylift® is a self-adhesive tape that is designed to allow the retrieval and easy characterisation of particles of interest.  In its typical mode of use, its adhesive is brought into contact with a surface.  The tape is then removed from that surface and adhered to a glass microscope slide to form what is known as a tape lift.  Particles of interest from that surface are then characterised in situ in the tape lift using one or more of the techniques that are listed in item 4, below. This allows the characterisation, classification and quantification of particles of interest within the protective environment of the tape lift.  This removes the need to expose those particles to the possibility of contamination or loss during storage, transport or analysis.

Easylift® is:

  1. easy to handle, even when wearing gloves;
  2. easy to label;
  3. pre-cut so that its transparent portion is the same size as a standard microscope slide;
  4. compatible with a wide range of non-destructive analytical techniques such as polarised light microscopy, microspectrophotometry, confocal Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy and hyperspectral microscopy;
  5. readily dissected, if needs be, allowing the removal of individual particles for further analysis by techniques such as Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.